| Selecting timber
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Selecting timber

Timber characteristics and benefits

With a carpentry background the team at Bayswater Constructions love timber. The warmth, feel and smell make this natural material a practical and beautiful option for interior and exterior spaces.

When selecting timber for a project there are many factors to consider. Appearance, durability and cost are usually the main considerations.

We love the characteristics of many different timbers and hope you find the summary of many favourites useful when considering your options. The natural beauty of timber really shines in outdoor areas and with simple bi annual maintenance will last many years.


Treated pine ($) – Treated pine is a building industry staple and used as the base timber for most building projects.  Radiata pine is ‘treated’ with a chemical solution containing two key ingredients – A fungicide and an insecticide. Ideal for footings, pergolas, retaining walls and cladding this versatile timber is ideal for Australian homes. The pine is a native to the Monterey area of the west coast of America but grows well in plantations in Australia. A naturally light coloured timber with knots.


Merbau ($$)- A tropical that naturally grows in various regions throughout the South East Pacific rim, such as Northern Queensland, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands and Fiji. It’s beautiful colours and rich oils make the timber suitable for harsh climates.


Kapur ($$) – Is sourced from the tropical lowlands of Malaysia and Indonesia. Ideal for outdoor areas such as decks pergolas and outdoor benches this timber will ‘grey off’ when left exposed to the elements untreated much like teak. With illegal logging an issue in Malyasia and Indonesia we ensure our Kapur is sourced only from certified plantations.


Spotted Gum – ($$$)  An Australian hardwood spotted gum is known for its durability and beauty. The variation in this timber adds to its appeal when used in flooring, cladding and decking. A popular choice for good reason with its variation in hues from light brown to deep reds. This gum is grown throughout the east coast of Australia.


Jarrah  – ($$$$) – An Australian very hard wood the natural red comes through beautifully and the smell of this timber alone takes you to the Australian bush. Installation of Jarrah like other hardwoods takes slightly longer as each hole has to be drilled first then screws are used to secure individually. This timber is so hard a faster nail gun approach is ineffective. A luxury timber that will last a lifetime and beyond!


Recycled timber  ($-$$$$) – With an increasing passion to ‘upcycle’ there are many great reasons to use recycled timber. I’ve worked with reclaimed timber on many projects and the results are always beyond expectation!  We have a few rules when clients would like to use recycled timber for their project;  firstly the timber needs to be fit for purpose and I insist on inspecting the timber prior to purchase as natural bows and imperfections as beautiful as they can be may not result in your visualised finished result.